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Property Taxes Are Scary

Halloween is here and I am so excited! I love passing out candy to trick or treaters, dressing-up in costume, decorating the house, and attending fall festivals and fun parties; plus, it's the unofficial start of the holiday season. While we are busy getting ready for all the upcoming festivities, I wanted to remind you that it is also property tax season, which runs from November through April of every year and there is NO DARN FOOLING AROUND when it comes to property taxes. So here is a little Halloween trick: just remember the phrase "NO DARN FOOLING AROUND" No = November = First Installment is due 11/1 Darn = December = First Installment is delinquent 12/10 Fooling = February = Second Installment is due 2/1 Around = April = Second Installment is delinquent 4/10 I hope you enjoyed this little trick...taxes aren't really a treat.

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