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We will be happy to review your new or existing Lease and advise you accordingly based on our expertise of best business practices.



We understand that not everyone needs the full service of a commercial real estate broker and as such, we have developed lease review consulting services for those exact situations. We provide our advise and expertise on non-legal matters such as the business terms, common area maintenance ("CAM"), option(s), and fair market value assessments.

  • New Leases

  • Renewals

  • Options

  • Fair Market Value Opinion



Burnish Creative

The post production firm was already negotiating a new lease, but one of the partner's wanted an expert opinion on some of the key business terms. We were hired by the tenant as a consultant, and were even able to negotiate some additional concessions on their behalf. 

Premium Sign Solutions

The sign company already had a set previously negotiated option rent. We were hired by the tenant to consult on their existing lease and how their option term rent compared with the market, before they had to make a decision. We also discussed alternative negotiating points. By providing inside knowledge, they were better equipped to make an informed decision.

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Lease Review Clients

Burnish Creative

Eat This Cafe

Premium Sign Solutions

Oeno Vino

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