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This course examines how to analyze real estate investment property using the Argus Enterprise software. Participants will learn to analyze sale/purchase decisions and leasing activities from the perspective of the owner/lessor and the tenant/lessee. 

This course is all about leasing commercial real estate property types from start to finish. From the perspectives of the agent, tenant, and landlord, this course provides a practical analysis of the important issues involved with leasing commercial real estate.

This course provides winning techniques and key insights on single family homes as an investment property class, how trustee foreclosure auctions look like, what you need to know to successfully bid and compete with flippers and other investors, and how the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) got it right or maybe wrong. 

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Awesome Reviews

“With the popularity of flipping [homes] today, Heather was a wealth of information for our members and offered many great insights and advice for our listeners.” – Olivia Frick, NAWRB

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