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Learn ARGUS at UCLA Extension. Taught for 11 weeks in a lab or classroom setting. Heather instructs typically Fall and Spring quarters.

Course Description

This course examines how to analyze real estate investment property using the Argus Enterprise (AE 11.7) module and Excel software. The course also prepares participants for the Argus Enterprise certification examination. Property types covered include office, retail, industrial, and multi-family. Students gain hands-on computer lab training in utilizing these programs through the analysis of case studies provided by the instructor. Students obtain a working knowledge of how to gather and input data, analyze income and expenses, understand tenant reimbursements, and generate meaningful reports for investors, developers, lenders and others. Participants learn to analyze sale/purchase decisions and leasing activities from the perspective of the owner/lessor and the tenant/lessee. This course is beneficial for investors; appraisers; real estate analysts; property developers; real estate investment companies; property managers; asset managers; insurance companies; mortgage bankers; institutional lenders; leasing professionals; and employees of Federal, State, and Municipal agencies and planning departments. This course is not designed for residential or small multi-family analysis.


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