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Asking for Lease Relief Webinar

Heather Boren, President and Broker of Estate Match Realty and Shushan Barsegyan, Founder and Shareholder of Full Circle Business Law presented on April 3, 2020 a free webinar discussing commercial lease issues facing business owners amidst the coronavirus pandemic. (recording)

Covered topics from both legal impacts and business strategy include:

- Early Termination

- Rental Abatement

- Force Majeure

- Impossibility v. Impracticability

- Rent Payments

- Asking for Rent Relief

- Market Changes

- Fair Market Value

- Lease Options

- Lease Restructuring

Thank you to Shushan of Barsegyan of Full Circle Business Law and please reach out to her should you have any legal questions regarding your lease. You may reach out directly or via e-mail:

Thank you again for watching and please enjoy the recording of our hosted webinar.


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